New Live Chat Support with AI/ML bot - Increase your online sales instantly

Build enterprise bots to scale every part of your business

ThumbCrowd AI bot builder helps you deliver stellar customer service with maximum efficiency, instant answers and 24/7 availability to your customers in a fun yet valuable way. Design your Bot once and leverage it across any chat platform including Facebook Messenger, Web, Slack, SMS, and more.

  • No credit card required - 1000 interactions are free.

Efficient customer service at reduced customer support cost

Chatbots do not need breaks or lunch time and they work 24/7 without charging overtime. They don’t need good offices to boost their performance or bonuses at the end of the year. With a chatbot you can scale up your customer support team, handle repetitive customer queries and provide 24/7 availability across time-zones.

Chatbots have the power to automate 70% of customer service requests. ThumbCrowd conversational AI is user-friendly with natural and interactive responses that evolve over time.

Conversational AI Assistant will dramatically change how your customers interact with you.

Make every conversation count. Our AI/ML enabled natural language models work in the background to comply automatically with what customers say and do.

Build contextual chatbot that really help customers

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Connect your website with LiveChat Messenger

You can connect your website with livechat messenger and enable to capture every single customer feedback or questions. ThumbCrowd LiveChat Messsenger will help you to reach your customer in real time. You can see and reply to LiveChat messages in your Shared Team Inbox.

Integrate your chatbot with any platform you use

Manage your knowledge simply. Easy for you, easier for them.

Learn from your customers, train your virtual assistant without any linguistic or technical skills, and solve their requests in real time.

Create conversational ai assistants that go beyond basic FAQs

A toolset to build, improve, and deploy contextual ai assistants across channels and languages.


Ai Assistant takes appointment on your behalf based on your calander & send you notification and reminders.

Understand messages

Turn free-form text in any language into structured data. Supports single and multiple intents and both pre-trained and custom entities.

Hold conversations

Hold back-and-forth conversations that remember context using machine learning-based dialogue management. Seamlessly integrate your business logic.

Interactive learning

Generate training data by talking to your assistant and provide feedback when it makes an error.

Connect to voice & messaging channels

Run your assistant on Slack, Facebook, Google Home, and more.

Web widget

Add web widget on your site & convert visitors into customers.

Live agent support

Add agent on any messaging channel.

Connect with CSV data

Interact wth CSV data.

Integrate your APIs

Interact with other APIs and systems through custom actions.

View and annotate conversations

Filter and fix conversations that didn’t go well to continually improve your assistant.

Version and manage models

Track and manage your models: promote to production or easily roll back.


Get an overview of the most important metrics to understand how your assistant is being used.

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